Release of software 3.2.31

Software Version 3.2.31 for the FC11 and its variants is hereby released. The

release is based on Version 3.2.23. Other interim versions have only been

published in-house for test purposes. The changes can be gathered from the

following table.

File: FC11_3.2.31.exe

List of changes from Version 3.2.23 to Version 3.2.31

New Functions and Bugfixing


  • Error DECT3_135 fixed. Relevant for all Handsets.
    Missed calls with unknown numbers are now shown in the call list as "unknown" and no longer displayed with "P".
  • Error DECT3_138 fixed. Relevant for all Handsets.
    Even with more than 255 entries, scrolling in the phone book now works without restriction.
  • Error DECT3_144 fixed. Relevant for all Handsets in DoIP systems or in GAP-Systems.
    When operating in DoIP systems and GAP systems, a monitoring timer was installed during thedialing preparation. The timeout is 10 seconds. Thus the behavior to the I55.
  • Error DECT3_148 fixed. Relevant for all Handsets in DoIP-Systems.
    In a connection and already during the dialing preparation no emergency call could be placed Either by the long key pressure, or by the short, with subsequent operation Right softkey with OK.

  • New Funktion. Relevant für alle Handsets im DoIP System.
    Evaluation of the release reason in the Disconnect message of the telephone application extended.
    • SIP 404 Not found <-> DECT Release-Reason 0x12 USER_UNKNOWN leads to the display "Teilnehmer unbekannt" or "user unknown".
    • SIP 503 Service unavailable <-> DECT Release-Reason 0x22 leads to the display “Service Error: 0x22” or ”Service error: 0x22”
    • SIP 415 unsupported media type <-> DECT Release-Reason 0x58 leads to the display “Service Error: 0x58” or ”Service error: 0x58”
    • SIP 480 Temporarily Not Available <-> DECT Release-Reason 0x10 User Detached/Subscriber absent leads to the display „Teilnehmer abwesend“ or „user absent“
    • SIP 603 Decline <-> DECT Release-Reason 0x15 user rejection leads to the display „abgewiesen“ or „user rejection“
    • SIP 486 Busy here <-> DECT Release-Reason 0x14 user busy leads to the display „Teilnehmer besetzt“ or „user busy“ - DECT Release-Reason 0x7C leads to the display “Handset nicht registriert” bzw. ”Handset not registered”
In this release, the above new displays will be in all language settings in English, except the setting in German.



  • Error DECT3_141 fixed. Relevant for D11, FC11.
    The Menu "Message-Font" under "Phone settings- Display settings" for setting the format of the message display is now also displayed in the FC11.
  • Error DECT3_143 fixed. Relevant for all Handsets.
    If no enrollment is available, the display shows "Please Login". If previously the authorization for the system settings was locked, the device could not be registered. This is now possible. Access to the system login is now enabled, as long as no system is registered.
  • Error DECT3_147 fixed. Relevant for all Handsets in I55-Systems.
    After the operation: New Msg -> Emergency call button -> Disconnection was no more key input accepted. That is now possible.


Display control:

  • New Funktion. Relevant for D11, FC11.
    The new display with the controller ST7775R will be supported with hardware ID 81.



  • Error DECT3_149 fixed. Relevant for all Handsets.
    If a deactivated appointment exists and the device is switched on exactly at the minute or resets at the minute, to which the timer would run off, the appointment runs off even though it was disabled.
  • New Funktion. Relevant for all Handsets.
    New Version of the firmware-update-tool (Version Change of the company name to funktel GmbH, the logo and the icon. Support for automatic recognition of the programming adapter under Windows 10.
  • New Funktion. Relevant for all Handsets.
    In order to support error analysis, every full hour a TIMEOUT message with the current system date and the hour sent to the ERROR_TASK, so you can see the system time also in the trace.