For this how to, a Funktel "Configurator for DECT handsets" with "tech" access is needed. Please contact Funktel International to get one. 

  1. Launch the configuration tool, enter the credentials for the tech account: "tech / tech", and choose the handset you are configuring: FC11 / D11 on the right and FC4s on the left.
    In this how to, a D11 will be configured.

  2. Navigate to the "reviser settings" symbolized by a wrench

  3. The "Auto Hook-off" option lets you decide if this feature can be activated by the user and when:

        - "Not permitted" prevents the user from using this feature even when activated    -"Permit" enables the user to activate it
        -"As defined" will see the feature activated in some cases (precised in point 4). For a complete how to, we'll choose this option
        -"All calls" activates it for all calls

  4. Navigate to Phone settings symbolized by a phone and a wrench

  5. Click on "Phone behavior". Here you can add filters and enable the feature to be activated or blocked by Certain callerID. Let's activate the auto "hook-off" only for the number 613:
        -Enable the option "Auto Hook-Off"
        -Enable the "filter table active" and click the option "Permission filter"
        -In the filter table add the wished number, in this case 613

This option can also be used to listen to activities happening around the person using the handset. To prevent this, the option "Mute on" can be activated.

"Mute On: (yes) / (no)
[1] Switches on or off the feature ’Microphone Mute’ on your handset after a call has been accepted automatically.
[2] With ’Microphone Mute’ switched on you will only be able to hear the announcement. The calling party however cannot hear you, due to the microphone of your handset being enabled. So, you cannot answer this call (announcement) while it is under operation."